Awakening Warriors Of The Light by Elspeth Summers

I very much enjoy supporting the artistic talents of friends. Of course, I decided at once that when this book was set to come out I would pick up a copy. I didn’t know I would be blessed to receive a signed copy from Elspeth who had a little giveaway on her page so friends could get in on her work. I waited patiently for it to arrive in the mail (ok, somewhat impatiently). It arrived and I pulled the vibrant paperback from the simple manilla envelope which carried it to my destination. I knew at once it would be a quick read.


I opened this book and found a vast world of secret truths. Like turning each leaf back in a rainforest or stepping into a stream you have no idea what might be on the other side until you’ve made the move forward. Each page is brimming with knowledge if you take the time to research. Unlike the woeful book mentioned in the post previous to this there is a gentle story line bringing up topics that are more than slightly relevant in the world today. Political without being overt, cryptic without being impossible, Awakening Warriors of the Light is a book that you’ll want to stick on your shelf if you enjoy the thrill of the hunt. If hidden knowledge excites you look no further. Read through this in a matter of minutes or take you time to dig in and search out the answers. Every page has something new to offer if you know what to look for.

Take the time to google anything you don’t comprehend and you’ll unleash a prism of color across the pages of your mind. A rich story unfolds before you if you take the time to understand it.

Are you ready?






I have other friends who will be releasing books in the near future. Stay tuned for reviews on those books. 

A note for Elspeth: Thank you for sharing your book with me. Every time I notice something new it becomes more exquisite. You’ve done well, my dear. I appreciate the light you bring to this world. Much love.


Purchase your copy here:


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